Change Log

2023.08.04 Uploaded slightly revised version of the RPG Forum Acronyms page.


2021.02.09 Some minor CSS alterations on a few pages but no content changes.


2019.07.14 Further alterations made to the links pages. The embedded CSS has been removed from all the pages and relocated to a separate stylesheet file.

2019.07.13 Fixed a CSS issue on the Links pages. More is needed and I'll get to that soon.

2019.06.19 Added preliminary Fey Weirdness campaign page.

2019.06.15 Updated the Reading List page.

2019.02.02 Edited RPG Forum Acronyms page.

2019.02.01 Fixed Links and Blog buttons.

2019.01.07 Updated the Reading List page with a new list of 20 books. The previous list was moved to it's own page a link for which is on the Reading List Page at the bottom.

2019.01.06 Edited RPG Forum Acronyms page to conform to HTML5.


2018.07.25 Added RPG Forum Acronyms page.

2018.06.22 Updated the Reading List page. Moved change log off the top page into its own.

2018.06.11 Moved 8-Ball and Dice Roller pages up a level and out of the Miscellany. For now the Miscellany will remain as a test page for design ideas.

A handy random decision maker. Well, it's random at least.

2018.06.10 More cosmetic changes to various pages. I'm still debating what to do with the Miscellany page. I'm adopting a policy of removing the Miscellany links from the navigation bars of pages I edit and gradually moving its contents elsewhere.

2018.06.09 Added the buttons for each of the links subpages.

2018.06.08 Made cosmetic changes to the top page to bring it more in line with the rest of the site. I prefer the smaller banner to the big one. I am beginning to rethink the Miscellany page. Various incarnations of my website have had a miscellany page and it made sense back then. As it stands now this site itself is a miscellany of my projects past and present and as such the subpage has become redundant. I'm leaning towards moving its contents up a level to the main page. Added Change Log page. Added Reading List page.

2018.06.07 Updated the ancient links page to the new site style. The design of the old links page hadn't changed appreciably since it was designed back in 2003 except for the addition of pull down menus in 2006. A Links button has been added to the navigation column of the main page. The Links page hasn't been in the site's actual style and structure since around 2001. Eventually I want to make buttons to into the navigation bar for that set of pages. The links section buttons should be stylistically distinct from the other buttons. I'm thinking half height too. For now I have text links where the buttons should be.

2018.06.06 Removed WordPress and added a static page in it's place. Lastly I made cosmetic changes to a number of pages. The site structure is taking shape.

2018.06.04 Recovered an old gallery of pictures from the archives and redid the html file into the site's general page design.

2018.06.02 Changed the link colors for better readability on the black background.

2018.06.01 Leave Feedback links have been removed because FormMail script no longer functions. I'll explore options for providing a feedback option in the future. For now feedback may be sent through the blog's comment facility or you can find me on Twitter.


2015.03.13 8Ball Fortune Teller script added to Miscellany.


2014.05.27 Installed WordPress for blogging.


2013.07.19 There's not much here at this time. I hope to add more in the near future.