Fey Weirdness: Life in Shadow Ridge

Beyond the scope of everyday human perceptions other worlds exist. Some merely exist side by side with our own while others overlap with the world of the everyday. Still others exist completely inside of our own, forever hidden from the eyes of coarse humanity. Whole civilizations can rise and fall under a family's porch or at the bottom of a garden, never to be known by the humans that live in the house.

Creatures of ancient myth and legend move unnoticed through the world of an oblivious modern humanity. Some know exactly what they are. Others, younger but no less powerful and dangerous, are completely unaware of their ancient birthrights believing themselves to be as human and as normal their neighbors...Well, except perhaps for a pesky allergy to ferrous metals, but everyone's allergic to something.

This is the world of Fey Weirdness. The focus of the planned game will be on a place where these worlds overlap and intertwine. The people who reside there range from the ordinary to the spectacular.

Welcome to Shadow Ridge; a place where the boundaries between worlds don't just disappear, they are shattered. It is an apartment complex with a strange history. For reasons unknown, Shadow Ridge rests in a place where many worlds overlap and doorways open up into places that range from the infernal to the sublime. It is a place where the ring of toadstools on the bank of Devil's Bend, a creek that runs behind the complex, can open up into the realms of Faerie for those who know the right dance. It is also place where a kitchen cupboard can conceal a portal to the depths of hell.

When two friends move into an apartment building with a long and strange history the least of their problems is the portal straight to Hell in the kitchen pantry...

Episode Guide

Season One

  1. The New Apartment - Tom wins a minor jackpot in the lottery and moves to Georgia, where he gets an apartment at the Shadow Bend apartment complex with his friend Alex. There, they discover some of the strange and unusual history of the complex, and this apartment in particular.

  2. A Demon in the Pantry - Tom and Alex discover the reason their rent is so low when they find a hell mouth in the pantry. At great peril to life and limb they seal it, but more questions are raised. Just what is this place?

  3. The Leprechaun's Gold - Tom is surfing late at night and is startled by a leprechaun who appears looking for a previous tenant, who had appropriated his pot of gold. Tom tracks down the culprit via the Internet and passes the information to the leprechaun. Later, the two search for the gate to Faerie that must be around.

  4. Three Candles and Twelve Acorns - Alex overwhelmed by the weirdness of the last several weeks ponders leaving for safer climes. He gains a new perspective when a walk in the park yields some unexpected surprises.

  5. Feline Troubles - The team are hired for possibly their strangest case to date. Pyewacket, the cat next door, hires them to arrange for a large shipment of cat toys and specialty foods to be delivered. The next week, his owner is the recipient of a 'prize' from a fictitious cat magazine.

  6. The Girl Next Door - Gwendolyn Dalsgaard, the neighbor down the hall, is kidnapped by a group of hobgoblins and a phooka. The leprechaun is called upon to return the favour that was done for him by providing the two with the means to rescue her. The two journey to Hell to retrieve her. This episode marks the first transformation of many that the two undergo.

  7. An Imp in Sunday School -

  8. 'Tis the Season for a Spook -

  9. The Great Wassail Bowl Caper -

  10. In For a Penny - The second time Gwendolyn is kidnapped. This time, our heroes must venture deep into the stronghold of the Dark Lord... Skippy? A bargain is struck whereby Skippy is allowed to court Gwen, but on her terms.

  11. A Redcap's Lot Part I - A redcap hires the team to find the whereabouts of his brother, who hasn't been heard from in nearly a century. Our heroes venture off to England to brave the redcap's tower.

  12. A Redcap's Lot Part II - Our heroes arrive in England and locate the redcap's tower, only to find that he had learned a valuable lesson in discretion.

  13. Lost Tails - The introduction of Akiyama Etsuo. Etsuo is a kitsune who had lost her tail to an opponent. The team recover her tail and a friendship is formed through mutual respect.

  14. Gwen's Greek Vacation Part I - The Wyrd Three, Fate, come to the team to recover Clotho's distaff. The distaff is used to spin the threads of Fate that make up the tapestry of Time. The trail leads to Greece. As Fate would have it, not only have the team won a trip for two to Greece, but Gwen is being sent there as part of one of her university classes.

  15. Gwen's Greek Vacation Part II - Gwen is kidnapped yet again, this time by a rich Greek magnate. Fate has apparently arranged this, because the magnate has the distaff as well. Both are recovered and returned to their respective abodes. Alex discovers his strange powers of magic in this episode.

  16. The Acorn Falls Far From the Tree - The introduction of Trudi Lang. While on a case in the lands of Faerie, a stray steel-jacketed slug claims a dryad's tree. Vinnie Lang, the one that fired the shot, is charged to plant a golden acorn and care for the tree.

  17. The Book of Faerie-Kind

  18. The Mannequin Mystery Part I

  19. The Mannequin Mystery Part II

  20. Shades of Fairy Noir - A tribute to Dashiell Hammett. "It was a night like any other... then she came in..." Titania, the Faerie Queen, hires Tom to recover an item stolen from her by Oberon. This episode sees the return of Akiyama Etsuo.

  21. You Don't Want to Know Jack - Jack the Ripper is loose in Dunwoody, Georgia and it's up to our heroes to stop him-- if they can.

  22. The Case of the Union Rebel - While on an outdoors vacation, Tom and Alex stumble across the journal of a Union soldier who had deserted to be with his Texan sweetheart. A task is laid upon the finder of the journal. The two are rewarded with a map.

Season Two

  1. The Vanishing Hitchhiker - Tom, looking to get away from it all, heads West only to find that wherever you go, there you are. He meets a young lady hitching a ride home in New Mexico and keeps her company through the night. Little does he know she's been dead for 200 years.

  2. A Gremlin in Town - Tom gets a job working in a garage to support himself and is suddenly deluged with Ford repairs. Old Henry should have given credit where it was due.

  3. A Poltergeist on Campus - While Tom is away, Alex and Gwendolyn team up to unravel the mystery of a twenty year dormitory haunting.

  4. The Prodigal - Tom takes on a spirit quest and is granted power by Wolf to fight the latest battle in a war that has been going on for millennia. Most of it is reclaimed afterwards, but this marks Tom's second physical transformation. He returns home to take up his place among his chosen family.

  5. A Dog's Life - The team are hired to find a lost dog, only to find that the pooch is actually a beaglewer that changes to human form one week of the year. Tom stakes him to a good time, sees him safe in a clean House and delivers him safely home at week's end.

  6. A Hairball's Chance in Hell - The team follows Pyewacket into a hell realm to deal with a dark lord who has gone too far.

  7. Murder on the Green - Tom wins a slot in a local pro-am golf tournament, where one of the contestants is murdered. Is it really justice to punish honest vengeance?

  8. Demonic Romance - The team are called upon to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a man's wife who has apparently run off with the demon lover she summoned.

  9. Pixie's Night Out - When a call comes while the tallfolk are incommunicado, Blossom and Thistlepuff must act quickly to save a child from a horrible fate.

  10. The Case of the Beleaguered Bully Part I - Trudi makes a new friend in Frank, a boy who has moved to Shadow Ridge with his parents. When Frank makes the football team he finds him associated with the school bully who soon finds himself the victim of a bully.

  11. The Case of the Bealeaguered Bully Part II - Apple Blossom and Thistlepuff team up again to put an end to the imp's torment of the bully from the previous episode.

  12. Title Needed - Etsuo has returned to the states and is staying with Gwendolyn.  She's enrolled at the college and is pursuing a degree.

  13. Title Needed - Moving Day for Etsuo.  Etsuo has gotten her own apartment.  Everyone pitches in to help her get set up with unexpected results.

  14. Traumas and Anxieties - Gwendolyn's Mother comes for a visit.  Amidst dealing with Mrs. Dalsgaard's efforts to pair off her daughter with one of them Alex and Tom work on a series of trivial cases.  (This was A Day in the Life sort of episode.)

  15. Shadow Play - Part I of the Vampire Hunter Cycle - Lynne is introduced.

  16. Where Fool's Rush In - Part II of the Vampire Hunter Cycle - Tom, Kyle, and Harris are introduced.

  17. Night Games - Part III of the Vampire Hunter Cycle

  18. Harsh Realities - Part IV of the Vampire Hunter Cycle

  19. The Feminine Touch - Finale of the Vampire Cycle

  20. Y Twylyth Teg - In this special two hour cinematic season finale the gang travels to the depths of Faerie Realms to attend a wedding and end up having to solve a mystery and stop a war.