Reading List: Favorite Books as of 22 June 2018

I read quite a bit. The list of the books on this page contains books I've found especially useful or defining in my life. I am limiting this particular list to twenty titles. That seems like a good number.

My Top Twenty Books

  1. A Touch of Wonder; Arthur Gordon
  2. How to Stay Alive in the Woods; Bradford Angier
  3. The Demon-Haunted World; Carl Sagan
  4. Starting from Scratch; Rita Mae Brown
  5. Steering the Craft; Ursula Le Guin
  6. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft; Stephen King
  7. The Devil's Dictionary; Ambrose Bierce
  8. Writing Down the Bones; Natalie Goldberg
  9. The Innocents Abroad; Mark Twain
  10. The Republic; Plato
  11. Tao Te Ching; Lao Tzu
  12. Drawing Down the Moon; Margot Adler
  13. Poetics; Aristotle
  14. A Wizard of Earthsea; Ursula Le Guin
  15. At the Mountains of Madness; H.P. Lovecraft
  16. Dune; Frank Herbert
  17. The Princess Bride; William Goldman
  18. Magician; Raymond E. Feist
  19. Video Games; Daniel Cohen
  20. The Tough Guide to Fantasyland; Diana Wynne Jones